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California Health Occupations Directory

Health Unit Coordinator

Health Unit CoordinatorHealth unit coordinators, or unit secretaries, assist in maintaining patient and unit records, ordering supplies, transcribing orders, coordinating patient activities for the unit and serving as liaisons between staff, patients and visitors. Health unit coordinators work in health care settings such as hospitals units, clinics, public health care agencies, or nursing homes. They serve as the communications link among departments, physicians, nursing staff and patients and visitors. They may work with computers. They may work full or part-time, day, evening or night shifts.

Educational Programs/Qualifications

High school students should study health, computer courses, biology and chemistry. Formal training is required, usually through a six-month to one-year program at a community or vocational-technical college.

Links to Additional Career Information

American Health Information Management Association
233 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2150
Chicago , IL , 60611-5800

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